The League of Movable Type has released Barry Schwartz’s Fanwood, another open source “revival”. I haven’t looked close enough to determine what Downer would call it, but in any case his attempt to credit his sources falls a little short:
Based on work of a famous Czech-American type designer of yesteryear; Bitstream calls this family “Transitional 551”, but we chose a less alluring moniker.

He’s more than “a Czech-American type designer of yesteryear.” He’s the great Rudolph Ruzicka and the typeface is Fairfield. If you’re going to be honest about using a model (which is commendable), the least you can do is name it and its author.

Update: The page has been edited with a link to the Fairfield wiki page, but no mention of the name itself or Ruzicka. Shielding from Linotype’s lawyers, I assume.