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Desi modern rugs online

My brother-in-law is a rug dealer. But he’s not one of those middlemen who finds cheap carpets from questionable sources and pushes them on you in a showroom. He actually travels to places like Turkey and Nepal, and Iran and meets the weavers who make the products he sells and he works with them to create original designs appropriate for modern interiors.

I have one of his rugs and for years I’ve begged him to offer his original designs online, but he likes the personal connection he makes with clients in his Santa Fe store, and it’s taken some time to find the right way to do the product justice on the web. Now he’s finally done it and I think it’s quite lovely. Introducing Desi modern rugs.

Tent Rocks rug

T Monk rug Bonn, Moor rug Ishi, Ocean rug Calder rug Fenice rug