Yahoo: Introducing Our New Logo!


Here’s a fun video that illustrates the craft behind the logo:

Bravo, Yahoo! What a brilliant strategy of lowering expectations! After the 30 days of visual burping, I expected much worse. Still… not good. The desire to rekern this word is all-encompassing. Speaking of compasses, the video above includes that familiar (crop) circle nonsense that we have now come to expect with any megabrand relaunch. The rationalization comes complete with fictional blueprint, arbitrary grid lines, imaginary metrics, and that telltale expression of emptyness: “craft”. I guess if you’re going to invent some geometrical basis for your logotype, you could do worse than the ‘O’ counter from Hermann Zapf’s Optima.

But there is hope: this particular example is so over-the-top, perhaps it’s a sign that this sad PR trend has finally jumped the shark.

Update: CEO Marissa Mayer adds more detail about the logo, declaring that they “spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday designing the logo from start to finish” and that the video was created by an intern, Max Ma. Max, excellent work, young man. It’s not your fault. I’m just sorry you were asked to do it.

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