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Apple isn’t going to make a new form factor just for the sake of newness itself — they make changes only if the changes make things decidedly better. … Apple pursues timeless style, not fleeting trendiness. This iPhone design might be like that of the Porsche 911 — a distinctive, iconic, timeless, instantly-recognizable representation of the product’s brand itself.

Daring Fireball on why the new iPhone (4S) doesn’t have a new exterior.

No one explains Apple strategy as well as Gruber.

Farewell, Steve Jobs.

(Photo by my cousin, Bill Dunford)

Steve Jobs, Unscripted

Most of us (especially the younger ones) are accustomed to “Keynote” Steve Jobs, the Steve Jobs that presents a carefully prepared introduction of new products to a room full of fans and press. That’s a different Steve Jobs from the guy we see in the video above.

It is 1997. He hasn’t yet been named CEO, but Jobs has just returned to the company that he would later save from collapse. Here, he hosts an open forum of Mac developers, candidly answering a barrage of very difficult questions from an Apple-dedicated community whose confidence is shaken. More than any other speech or interview, this off-the-cuff hour demonstrates Jobs’ personality, carisma, and vision. It also hints at some of the moves Jobs and Apple would make in proceeding years, even ideas as recent as iCloud.

Wireless electricity. Yes, wireless — for charging your devices. Stick it in your floor and plug ’em in no more! The world-of-the-future technology I dreamed about four years ago is rumbling in the news again.


As much as my anticipation for tomorrow’s Steve Jobs event is sincerely hiccup-inducing, I had a dream last night that Apple announced not a product but a free device that would somehow heal the global economy. Jobs unveiled the thing in the morn, Obama followed up with the plan at the State o’ Union.

Newton Prototype (via Grant Hutchinson)