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Laura Serra Portraits:

Ewok/bear hat self portrait by Laura Serra

for my portfolio

Chromeography Exhibition: The Logo

Collaborating with Laura Serra on the exhibition logo was a delight. I tossed her a disparate pile of photos from the collection and (short of a few final touches) she came back with this.

She managed to balance the flowing style of her natural freehand lettering with the more mechanical nature of mid-century emblems cut from metal. It clearly references several decades of classic automotive brightwork without leaning too heavily on any one example or era. The allusions are obvious yet the mark is completely original. This thing really could exist on a car or refrigerator made anytime between 1930 and 1965.

Two objects — one for the title wall (on Laura’s Bel Air silhouette) and one for the window — were milled with a slightly angled bevel and sprayed with a chromesque coating.

More photos of the show later, but for now it’s best seen in person.

Thanks to Rob Keller of Mota Italic for these photos.

Laura is selling a variety of prints on society6 for very reasonable prices and shipping is free until Sunday.

This starling wants to live on your wall. Won’t you give him a home?

Laura drew me again.
Hire her. She can make anything (or anyone) look good.

silence - by Laura Serra

I think it’s a young Starling but Laura isn’t sure. Either way, it’s perfect.

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GPOYW - I ♥ Stewf, this sweater, Salt Lake City & everything - Edition

… but sick of being half-sick-Edition, too.

It’s fun to buy a piece of clothing for someone who wears it every day the week she gets it and makes it look fantastic.

Detail of Mr. Owl van de Stüf, previously posted.
If you have a large display, click the pic to embiggen.
Ms. Serra is good. Hire her.


Mr. Owl van de Stüf - by Laura Serra
(via minusbaby)

if Stewf was an owl, that’s what he would look like.

I dunno. I wish I looked this great. Although I do believe he’s wearing my tie.

Update: See detail.

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Beautiful station. Beautiful girl. Hello Stockholm.

Pics from this summer’s trip to Sweden finally going up.

July 18, 2010 — Laura and I began my birthday at Mosebacke in Stockholm’s Södermalm district. We ate breakfast with a view of the city on one side and a live band playing Django Reinhardt on the other. As if that wasn’t sufficient celebration, there was more pleasant frivolity on the menu. We stopped in Gamla Stan (Old Town) to rent a tandem bike and ride it through the parks and along the waterways of Djurgården. Our trusty steed was old — early 1940s vintage — but true. It will always be one of the best days in my memory.



Our band photo.


Awesome man is awesome (by Laura Serra)

a portrait of my Stewf I made for his 33rd birthday. ^^

markers and coloured pencils.

Coda | BerlinLaura is a movie star.

Coda | Berlin
Laura is a movie star.

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Hej Sthlm. We have arrived.

This is the sound the tomtenissan made to announce our presence.

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