Ephemeral remains of Stephen Coles.
Writer, editor, typographer.
Oakland and Berlin.

Background image: BonBon Kakku
Title typeface: Times New Roman

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Gaslight Style | Sheaff : ephemera (via @typegirl)

One pronounced aspect of Victorian design was a great interest in creating the illusion of depth, particularly so with lithographers. Type, vignettes, products and design elements are made to seem multi-layered through the use of shadows, superimposition, dimensional banners and ribbons, turned-up faux page corners and choice of colors. Some have labeled this the “Gaslight Style” approach to design…
Questions: How common was this style at the time? An everyday kind of thing? I wonder if it was as beautiful to the Victorian era public as it is to us now.

A peek inside the Typographica.org offices as we edit “Typefaces of 2011”. Note pile of submissions on desk.

Actually a portrait of Flora Payne Whitney via Library of Congress, ca. 1919.