Ephemeral remains of Stephen Coles.
Writer, editor, typographer.
Oakland and Berlin.

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The Abyss Table by Duffy London uses sheets of layered glass and wood to create the effect of the topographic ocean depths. Designer Christofer Duffy got the idea for the table after seeing stacks of glass at a glass factory. The limited edition handmade table costs £9,800.00.

The Antidote:

La Porta D’Oriente by Vittoria Giardino

Curtis Jere Bicycle Wall Sculpture
Curtis Jeré (AKA C. Jeré, or Jere) is a compound nom-de-plume of artists Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler. The metal sculptures, often meant for hanging on the wall, have become increasingly popular over the last few years as mid-century modern style has propagated the mainstream. Much of the C. Jere work is minimal and abstract, but this piece is unusually detailed.

C. Jere stuff for sale on eBay »

“Empty Vessel” ceramic pot/mug by Nous Vous

Laura is selling a variety of prints on society6 for very reasonable prices and shipping is free until Sunday.

This starling wants to live on your wall. Won’t you give him a home?

Schmidt-Heins, Gabriele
December 1974

Unique artist’s book. Wrappers. Perfect bound with linen tape. Each page displays a green translucent rectangle with a darkened frame, created with linseed oil? Signed and dated on inner back cover. Very good condition. Corners bumped and light edge wear. 16.75 x 12”. Unpaginated.
Steven Leiber Basement

“Le Roi Soleil, Louis XIV” (1997)
By Sandra Serra with PC Paintbrush, Windows 3.11

“to Morris I” by Tobias-David Albert
98cm x 210cm
Gouache on paper

The first piece of a series of works about the dependence of the creativity in mind and the experience of the hands. The quote is by Karl Jaspers:

The thinking act throught the hand is the schooling of thought itself.

Another work in the same style shown in progress as an animated GIF:

Wellington Writers Walk, Catharine Griffiths

15 large-scale, three dimensional concrete text sculptures honouring writers and poets who have strong connections with Wellington, sited unexpectedly along the cityʼs urban waterfront – floating, suspended, wedged in, lying on rocks as if washed up by the sea.

A new favorite artist: Svenolov Ehrén, 1928-2004. “Known for his many views of Stockholm, book-illustrations and postage-stamps.” Tack, David Larson, AL, and Martin Klasch!

Cycles Gladiator. Circa 1895.
38 1/2x53 inches. Printed by G. Massias, Paris.

The following description is from Swann Galleries who put one of the few existing original posters up for auction in 2006. It attracted 15 bidders and sold for $26,000:

During the 1890s when bicycles were one of the most advertised products in the poster world, the fantastic concept that a bicycle was powerful enough to propel a rider into space was used surprisingly frequently (see Swann Auction #1945 lot 59, Swann Auction #1991 lot 41). This is the most spectacular of all the posters mixing science fiction with turn-of-the-century eroticism, showing naked, beautiful woman (one can’t help but wonder where the censors were when this project was proposed!) with extravagant red hair being pulled through the cosmos by her bicycle. The spokes sparkle like stars and two little wings on the bicyle pedals add to the kitschy charm and surrealist nature of the image. Although the poster is signed “LW” it is still considered anonymous, as the only possible LW is Lucein Weiluc, and this does not appear to be his work. Dodge p. 117, Voici p. 11.

A California winery has adopted the name and the art for its bottles (which were banned in Alabama for displaying “a person posed in an immoral or sensuous manner”):

Cycles Gladiator symbolizes a celebration of the freedom and happiness that pervaded Europe in the late 19th century—an era known as the Belle Epoque. This era marked many notable inventions and improvements to daily life, not the least of which was the modern bicycle or Le Bicycle Velocipede.

Started in Paris in 1891 by Alexandre Darracq (an eccentric, who would later become famous for manufacturing automobiles), Gladiator was one of the dozens of bicycle companies that saturated the market when the cycling craze boomed. The Golden Age of cycling reached its pinnacle in 1895—and that same year printer G. Massias unveiled one of the great Parisian advertising posters. Only four of these original posters exist today.

The famed artwork that once showcased the stylish Cycles Gladiator now graces the bottles of our classic wines from California’s Central Coast. The mythological image of the nymph riding her winged bicycle captures the grace and uninhibited beauty of our hillside vineyards.

AllPosters.com sells reproductions at sizes up to 60 x 44 in.

Anthony Billings

Stonemen IV (by Japp Proost)

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