Ephemeral remains of Stephen Coles.
Writer, editor, typographer.
Oakland and Berlin.

Background image: BonBon Kakku
Title typeface: Times New Roman

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Family Job Chart (ca. 1987)

“No soda pop after basketball.”

This is one of my Dad’s many job lists for the kids. This one must have been created in advance of one of my parents’ many vacations in the late eighties.

Coles says the letters he found and arranged to spell “SURE” probably came from a storefront sign in use between the 1930s and ’50s. “I could go with ‘RUSE’ or ‘USER’ or ‘RUES,’ but I’m a positive guy,” he jokes.
My cake pan letters and I played a bit part in this San Francisco Chronicle story about letters as interior decoration. It’ll be in the paper edition tomorrow.

Across the street.

Yes, that is a real tree. Blooms like a painting every April.