Ephemeral remains of Stephen Coles.
Writer, editor, typographer.
Oakland and Berlin.

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Fifteenth Book of Specimens (Compact Edition), Cincinnati Type Foundry”, 1882

Some really nice lettershapes in the Mezzotype design. The logotypes are typical Victorian splendor.

Trailer titles for La Notte (1961)

This is not type. This is hand lettering — full of life and imperfection. Some fonts can do a passable job of emulating these styles, but if you really want this stuff, hire a letterer.

Mercerie” (Drapery), one of many fine signs shot by Pascal Duez in the Picardie region of France.

See also: France on Fleurs Coiffeur Liqueur

Konrad Adenauer Election poster, 1949
“With Adenauer for peace, freedom and unity of Germany, therefore CDU”

It’s been fun watching Martina Flor’s Supernova script develop over the last year. Today it exploded at Typotheque where it was given the foundry’s typically thorough documentation. This charming illustration from the article explains that scripts rarely have extended families like text typefaces do.

Talking Santa: He’s 3 Stories Tall.

Chromeography Exhibition: The Logo

Collaborating with Laura Serra on the exhibition logo was a delight. I tossed her a disparate pile of photos from the collection and (short of a few final touches) she came back with this.

She managed to balance the flowing style of her natural freehand lettering with the more mechanical nature of mid-century emblems cut from metal. It clearly references several decades of classic automotive brightwork without leaning too heavily on any one example or era. The allusions are obvious yet the mark is completely original. This thing really could exist on a car or refrigerator made anytime between 1930 and 1965.

Two objects — one for the title wall (on Laura’s Bel Air silhouette) and one for the window — were milled with a slightly angled bevel and sprayed with a chromesque coating.

More photos of the show later, but for now it’s best seen in person.

Thanks to Rob Keller of Mota Italic for these photos.

Dahl-Beck Electric Company, San Francisco, Founded 1952
Day and Night

“Beauty”, by my friend Laura Meseguer (lettering) and Laszlo Kovacs (shading).

Hotel Claremont Band Programs of the 1940s–’50s

That Bill Clifford lettering is choice.

Elektro Popp (by Michael Hochleitner)
Electronics shop in Mariahilf, Vienna.

Adolf Prenner: Konditormeister, Spezialist in Marzipan
Vienna, Austria
Roland Hörmann

Fleurs Coiffeur Liqueur:

Vienna, Austria
Stephen Coles

One of my all-time favorites.

(via fleurs-coiffeur-liqueur)

Ad for Kosca pens, Italy 1951.

From the Epoca archives

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